Welcome to Louie Lee Feltrin Online

The cheeky guy that had the entire nation talking with his impersonation of Robbie Williams on Ch 9’s Star Struck and many television and radio appearances now brings his experiences and vocal expertise with over 3000 live performances direct to you.


Louie Lee has been entertaining audiences for over 18 years. As a lead vocalist of CRAZY HAUS, one of Ausrtalia’s most popular party bands, headlining his own Louie & The Party Boyz and corporate show Radio 1 along with his amazing world class impersonation tribute show of the one and the only showman Mr Robbie Williams, as The Robbie Williams Experience.


Venues, hotels, festivals, corporate events, playing support for International & Australian celebrities, backing vocalist too many of the nations singing stars and TV and radio celebrities and personalities.


Numerous television and radio appearances, Louie has entertained audiences of age ages, across all music styles.


His voice and sense of excitement and fun has to be witnessed to be believed....


Louie energetic performances have received great reviews from not just the judges on Starstruck, but from radio, television and newspapers all over the Nation....


“I love to teach...!!... To pass on my knowledge not just as a vocalist but as a singing performer so that you may have all the tools needed to be confident in your voice, but also confident and to believe in yourself..!!.. “


Learn from a real professional...


Your fist lesson is free.. Let me guide you the correct way to vocal success.. Learn from an actual singing professional, currently working and training every day. I am a full time vocalist that is in demand and constantly striving to pass on as much knowledge and expertise to all my students.


Me at a Glance:


Special Skills:

  • Speak Italian
  • Accents and Dialects
  • Improvisation
  • Clowning
  • Teaching
  • Comedy
  • Sports Mentoring
  • Youth training
  • Auskick Coaching
  • Voice over specialist




  • Mornings with Kerrie-Ann, performer
  • AFL Grand Final Breakfast, opening act
  • StarStruck , Channel 9,  contestant/finalist
  • “Ring to Sing” Channel 31, Judge





Performing live weekly  venues, events  all over Australia and South East Asia, Louie & The Party Boyz,   The Robbie Williams Experience,   Radio 1, Trained Vocalist and Singing Teacher, Speech level Singing  Certified trainer and a globally acclaimed IVA Certified Vocal Teacher (Level 1).